Alternative Holistic Healthcare in New Braunfels

About Us


Caring For Your Health

For the last 30 years I have pursued natural methods for the treatment of health issues with my clients, family and friends. I have concentrated on natural – holistic treatments to aid our body in the correction of the metabolic breakdowns. It has been my practice to not concentrate on the naming of the compromise within the body, but in the investigating as to where there is a breakdown in the system. 


Natural Healing

Treating the body as a whole…… mind….. body…..soul……is extremely important in the total clearing out of the problems. I will test to find the answers to the problem of ill health and then create an individual dietary plan coupled with a specific supplement plan to aid the body in correcting the breakdown.


Healing to Live

Life is to be lived with love and health and happiness. Let me aid you in your quest for the best health you can achieve and overcome the problems which deny you good health……..