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Iridology provides a painless means of looking into the body. The eye has been proclaimed throughout the ages as the “mirror of the soul” and now we also acknowledge it as the window to the physical body.


More than a study of the white part of the eyes, Sclerology is a method of interpreting the red lines, colorations and markings in the sclera as they relate reflectively to the whole body health.

Hair Analysis

Identification of mineral levels, ratios and metabolic patterns. Hair tissue mineral analysis shows a metabolic blueprint of how the body responds.  Heavy Metals and identification of those metals are represented.

Dried Blood Cell Analysis

Blood holds a history of the body. By observing the dried blood there is a view of the body at a cellular level, which explains many things which are taking place in the body.

Reams Testing (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization)

This procedure will test the Urine and Saliva. The tests will reveal seven foundational metabolic parameters. It will yield valuable information on the efficiency of the digestive system, immune system as well as information on how well we are assimilating nutrients into the body’s cellular structure.

Face, Tongue, Nail & Feet Analysis

These are all maps reflecting all the inner organs and systems of the body. Each one of these will reveal markings, shape, color, coatings etc…. giving information of the body.

Dietary Plan

From the report a Dietary Plan will be given to bring the body into balance.


A particular supplement program will be given for body balancing, specific to the individual, based upon the findings.

Basic Assessment

Dried Blood Cell, Reams Testing (Urine & Saliva),Analysis ,Hair Analysis,  Dietary Plan and Supplement Protocol